Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fez House Vertarama

Epcot at Disney World in Orlando is a pretty cool place. They have areas that represent different parts of the world. Basically they are mini mockups of typical sites and architectures that one may see when traveling to say, Italy, Germany, or Mexico. There are also lots of shops and restaurants, so you can sample typical fare if you wish.  There are a few other countries represented as well. This shot was taken in the Morocco area. This is called the "Fez House" I'm not sure exactly what a fez is other than a hat that Shriners wear. However, after a little research on the web, this is supposed to be a representation of a typical Moroccan home. My guess is that it's like a courtyard of several different apartments or something similar. If you ever get a chance to go to Epcot, I recommend it, if for nothing else, excellent photography.

Which brings me to how this shot was taken... When I got to Orlando, I had my tripod with me so I could take some excellent sunset shots and some great HDRs. Well a couple of weeks before, I took my camera out to take some non-HDR photos and I took off the plate that connects the camera to the quick release portion of the ball head on the tripod. Of coures as forgetful as I am, I forgot to put it back on the camera when I was done and subsequently left it at home. So, my tripod was no good. Lesson: if you take the quick release plate off, put it right into the holder on the tripod, so if you do take your tripod, you'll have everything you need when you are ready to use it.

That being said, I had to take everything on that trip handheld at a relatively high ISO in the middle of the day so I could get some decent brackets. I also merged them to HDR using Photoshop CS5 since it's alignment engine seems a little better than Photomatix's. Then, I subsequently tonemapped them in Photomatix.

So, that's what this shot is. It's basically a panorama from the top to bottom of the inside of the Fez House. It's comprised of a total of 30 shots... 6 sets of 5 brackets merged and tone-mapped into 6 separate HDR images and them stitched together for the panorama or vertarama (since it's vertical) with CS5. It was a fun shot to put together, but I think if the day was closer to sunset to bring out the lights in the Fez House, it would be awesome.

Anyway, I hope you like the shot and thanks for visiting.


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