Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloudy Mountain

Yet another black and white shot of some of the views from Whistler. Again, I can't say how much fun I had shooting all of the outstanding views that day. I really had to discipline myself. I love to both ski and take photos so I was in nirvana this particular day. It seemed like as soon as I put all of the gear back into my backpack and started down the slopes, I would see another grand scene. Then I would stop, take all of my stuff back out and set up for the shot. I finally had to tell myself, "Stop with the picture taking and enjoy the skiing!" Of course, another part of me would say, "Yes, but you may never be here again and the shots are amazing!" I finally got enough of the same stuff, I think, and I'm very happy with what I have. I hope you like them too and I thank you for visiting.


  1. Another nice shot, Evan, Were you working without gloves and how cold was it?


  2. Wayne, it was probably in the high teens, low 20s Fahrenheit with pretty strong winds. I had ski gloves on with liners. So, when I would stop to take a shot, I would take my ski gloves off but work with my liners. I could manipulate the settings on the camera pretty well with just the liners and my hands stayed a little warmer than had I just used my bare hands.


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