Monday, February 7, 2011

Chairlift Below Mountain

Congrats to the Packers

As much as I can't stand to say it, congratulations must go out to the Green Bay Packers. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a great Super Bowl. I can't stand the Packers, but I have some good friends who are Packers fans, so I'm happy for them. Otherwise, screw it. Also, the other reason I'm upset is now I have to slog through 7 months or so of no NFL or college football. The horror... the horror...!

Chairlift Under Mountain

Here's another in my Mountains of Whistler series. I took this on one of the peaks, either Blackcomb or Whistler, I can't remember which, while enjoying a nice day of skiing. I really like how the scale is represented here with the size of the mountain in the background versus the size of the chairlift in the lower left corner. It really gives you a sense of the magnitude of the mountains there.


  1. Stunning shot! Love the clouds hanging out below the camera, and the rest of the image really! awesome!


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