Monday, January 10, 2011

Heavenly Hay Bales

Sometimes coming home from work is good, not because of leaving work, but because of some things I see on the way. Last week I had to stop to shoot the sky over this field of hay bales. There was a thin layer of clouds in the sky with a small hole in it that the sun shined (shown, shone?) through. It was as if a higher power was checking on his hay crop or something. I tried my best to capture the scene and I hope I was successful here. One thing about the sky is that it's always changing and if you see something that looks good, you have to get it fast because it won't be there long.

I processed this the usual way with some extra Nik Color Efex vignetting and Bi-Color User Defined filters to punch up the sky and the hay a little.


  1. I really like the composition and overall look of this image. Well done!


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