Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and Changes to Parking in Austin

Happy New Year Everyone!

For all those who check my little blog here, have a happy, healthy and safe New Year!  Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your patronage.

Parking Lots In Austin

Austin is a weird city. There's no doubt about that. It even prides itself on staying weird. "Keep Austin Weird" is one of the local mantras. However, I have seen that mantra in other cities, such as Portland Ore. So, I guess the more Austin tries to stay weird, the more it stays the same. That brings me to the shots below... Downtown, underneath the interstate between 6th and 8th streets lies a free parking lot. It's been that way for years. It's like the last place where you can park in downtown Austin for free. Well, not much longer. Someone in their infinite wisdom decided to tear these perfectly good parking lots out to put in, you guessed it, new parking lots.. with less parking I might add. There was nothing wrong with the old ones! Plus, these lots are no longer free, either. It's enough to tee of the main man at the Vatican.

Well, along with the new parking lots, someone put in these weird lighting monstrosities that give off less light that what they had before. I guess that's good for photographers like me, but it stinks for those wanting to head downtown for a little entertainment and not get mugged. Anyway, these lights are red and blue and give this strange look to the place. As you can see, the yellow lines that designate areas where one cannot park now look pink. It's bad. Also these shots make the light look brighter than it really is. The lighting is actually quite dark. If you look at the shadows in the second shot, you can see that more light is coming off the lamps above the interstate than these new... things. Maybe that's what being weird in Austin is all about... gouging more money out of the local populace while making them less safe all in the name of weirdness. Hey, I'm all for being a little different, but look at these things... Seriously?

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes I just have to let these things out. 

Lastly, I put in two shots of these lights to see what you think. One's an HDR and one's not. Can you tell the difference? Let me know what you think. And, am I wrong about all this weirdness stuff or should I lighten up a little? Thanks for reading....

Austin Parking Lot 01

Austin Parking Lot 02


  1. I think Austin is trying too hard to be hip.

  2. You're right Wayne! Austin didn't use to be like this. It was a great town in the early 90s, but lots of people from out west moved here and are changing it to be something else. It's a shame.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Cool photos, Evan. I think the bottom shot is HDR. What do I win if I'm right? And what do I lose if I'm wrong?

  4. Van, you would've won a shiny brand new car loaded with the entire inventory of Nikon Full Frame products! However, I couldn't get any auto manufacturer or Nikon to pony up that kind of loot. So, the winner gets a lifetime supply of almost natural air that will be with him/her where-ever you go (only 50% natural in 3d world countries)! But, you did not guess the right answer, so what you lose is the prestige of being the first to guess the HDR photo on my crummy little blog. ;-) Sorry!


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