Monday, September 20, 2010

Number 331 at Austin - Del Valle Motocross Park

No. 331

Like yesterday's post, this was shot at Austin - Del Valle Motocross Park in Del Valle, Texas. It was processed the same way as well.  It's a single shot turned into an HDR.  It's not too hard to do.

I really don't have much info to add regarding this particular shot other than, if you ever get a chance to go out there, go!  It's a lot of fun to watch these guys tear up the track.  Plus, the little kids that ride are fun, too.  Some of those little guys and girls are really pretty good.  You'd be impressed!

Lastly, I have quite a few more photos from the day, but only a few are probably worth spending the time to process into an HDR.  I will probably sporadically put a few more out here and there in the days to come, especially if I don't have anything else worth blogging about.  That's the case right now, unfortunately.  However, I hope to get more stuff soon.  Thanks for dropping by.

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