Sunday, May 9, 2010

Prayer Candles

Prayer Candles

Yesterday I took a trip to San Antonio for a little personal photowalk of one of the missions down there. I've never been to any of them other than the Alamo and it's been many years since I've been to that one. I ended up at Mission San Jose. It certainly has a lot of photographic possibilities. Plus, the day was overcast so that made for interesting skies. But, the exterior shots I took I'm not real happy with. Instead I thought I'd post some an interior or two. This one here is by the entrance to the church there where offerings can be made. These votive candles are lit by parishioners as "a reminder that their prayers continue even after they leave the church." - from Not being a particularly religious person or a Catholic, I had to look that one up. But, I love the history and the architecture of these old missions. The mission is still an active parish. It's also a big place for couples to get wedding pictures taken there. There must've been three groups of photographers with either couples or brides getting their pictures taken. Very pretty place for that.

Click here for more info on Mission San Jose.

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