Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Gave all...

Some Gave all...

In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I thought I'd post some of the last pictures I took in Washington DC of the various memorials there dedicated to our heroes of the military.

The Vietnam War Memorial is a very powerful place.  To see all of the names on the wall, 58,000 of them, really brings home the huge sacrifice made for the cause of freedom. Those who served there did so honorably.  I just wish those that sent them had that same honor.

The day I was there, the wall had been decorated every 10 feet or so with single roses.  The few other times I have been this site, there were usually small US flags, wreaths and various military memorabilia laid as tributes to those whose names are inscribed.  But this day, all that were there were the roses.  I'm not sure what the significance of that was, but it made for a very powerful shot in my opinion.

This shot isn't an HDR.  This is just a single raw that I had tweaked using the various Nik Software plugins, Viveza 2 and Color Efex 3.0 Pro. I tweaked all kinds of stuff to make it look better, from the black on the wall to the green leaves on the rose. To be honest, I've done the modifications to this shot over the course of a couple of days, experimenting with the various filters.  So, I can't really say what I've done exactly.  However, one thing that did help is that I bought the Official Nik Software Image Enhancement Guide. That thing is packed with great information.  I had seen the book before.  My friend and co-photog, Van Sutherland let me borrow it once before, but I really didn't get the info in it at that point.  But when I saw the demo at the recent photo expo, it really opened my eyes. It almost helps to the point where if you have a really good single shot of something, you might be able to get it to where it looks as good as an HDR.  I love this stuff.


  1. Definately speaks more than a 1,000 words.... Great capture of the heartfelt awe inspired by the Memorial. Graceful respect to those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.


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