Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Resurrection Chapel Mosaic

Resurrection Chapel Mosaic

Lately I've been posting stuff of a religious nature.  That's really unintentional, but it's what I have as of late.  So, as far as content, I'm not trying to push any particular message or anything like that.  I just happen to like these shots, but I hope to get some new material soon.

Anyway, this one was taken during my recent trip to Washington DC.  We toured the National Cathedral and this subject is located in one of the three chapels below the main level called the "crypt level".  This chapel is called the Resurrection Chapel and has this beautiful mosaic located behind the altar.  It shows Christ rising after his crucifixion. It's very intricate and has great color.  I hope my processing gave it some justice.  The Cathedral is definitely a place I recommend you see if you are ever in the DC area, whether you are religious or not.  They are very camera friendly there as well as long as there aren't any services going on.

For this shot, I used my standard work-flow, but I masked out the mosaic during the sharpening phase.  I think when it sharpened that portion of the shot it looked too weird, like each individual tile in the mosaic stuck out versus the tiles working together to show the final image conveyed.  Does that make sense?   It's hard to describe, but anyway, it looked better without that portion going through the sharpener.

Lastly, in a bit of other news, I 'm gonna publish a couple of quick little reviews of two of books I used to help get me started in this HDR stuff.  I already put out a review of Trey Ratcliff's "A World in HDR" book if you are interested in my take on that one. However, there a couple other books that get into more of the "nuts and bolts" or maybe I should say "tones and brackets" of how to get good HDRs.  Stay tuned...

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