Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mission San Jose Cross

Mission Cross

Mission San Jose in San Antonio, Texas is a very picturesque place.  I had mentioned before that a lot of couples come there to get there pre-wedding shots taken.  I think one of the reasons may be because of the way the crosses on the grounds are decorated.  They really look nice with the white flowing material and the lilies hanging on them.  It really adds something to them.

This picture has been driving me a little batty. Once I was finished, it has some great color and I kind of like the composition, but I really didn't feel like the cross stood out like it should. I thought that cross should be the focal point of the shot. So, I took what I learned at the recent photo expo and tried to see if I could make it any better.  So, along with my standard processing, I added a bw conversion layer in Nik Color Efex, and put in a couple of negative control points on the shrubs and on the limestone walls. Once I clicked OK, Nik added another layer on top of my original.  From there, I masked in the cross with the white material hanging from it and then bumped up the brightness, contrast, lightness and hue until I got what you see here.  I think it makes the cross stand out a little more and gives the whole overall shot a unique look.

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