Friday, May 14, 2010

Mission San Jose Altar

Mission San Jose Altar


"Soon after the building of the Alamo, a second mission was founded in 1720 about five miles downstream. Named San Jose, this new mission was established by Fray Antonio Margil de Jesus, who had previously left a failed mission in East Texas. A model among the Texas missions, San Jose gained a reputation as a major social and cultural center. Among the San Antonio missions, it also provided the strongest garrison against raids from Indians."

The church on the mission is a still a functioning church and people are encouraged to attend. Me, I'm just happy I didn't get struck by lightning by entering, but I love shooting the interiors of these churches. The architecture is so interesting. And, in HDR, they really look amazing.

I processed this shot using my standard processing. The only thing I did different was use the bleach bypass filter in Nik Color Efex at about 20% opacity in Photoshop CS4.

Along with the trusty Nikon D90, I also used my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle, I used an aperture of f11, I shot 5 brackets from -2 to +2, and I think I used an ISO of 200, tripod mounted of course.


  1. Beautiful work, Evan. I particularly like the like through the upper window, and the light reflecting on the door.

  2. Thanks Van. I was hoping maybe more of the shot would be as interesting as than the window, but I appreciate the comment! ;-)


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