Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fire Trucks?

Fire Trucks?

Towards the end of my photo-drive in Georgetown the other night, I made one last stop at a gravel company.  The name of the company eludes me and I'm not really sure it was even a gravel company.  The only clue I had was that one of the trucks had the name of a gravel company on it.  Plus, most of the trucks here were dump trucks, so I put two and two together.  Whether my conclusion is correct or not is up for debate.  Anyway, the Freightliners and Kenworths in this shot along with the fiery looking sky at sunset just made for a shot that I knew I just had to get.  There's just something about trucks that says, "Take an HDR of me!"  I may have to go back there another time to see if I can get something a little more creative, but I really like how this particular one turned out.

As usual, I used my standard processing for this shot. A couple of extra things I had to do were dodge and burn the grill on the white Freightliner with Photoshop as well as adjust the contrast on it with Nik's Viveza.  It really needed evening out from the tone-mapping process in Photomatix. I also had to clone out a power line that went all the way across the middle of the sky.  One last thing I did was add a darken/lighten filter to it with negative control points on the white truck to make the gravel a little darker.

Other info includes ISO 200, aperture of f11, focal length of 12mm and shutter speed of 1/8 sec.


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