Monday, April 26, 2010

US Capitol Art

Well, we made it back from DC and had a great time. One thing to know about DC if you've either been or plan to go, bring your walking shoes because you will do a LOT of it. There's so much to see and you can take the Metro train everywhere (almost), but you will still walk until your dogs howl! At least mine are. It's nice to be home now and get some much needed recuperation before heading back to work.

This is a shot I took on our third day there. We just finished a tour of the US Capitol and we started heading back to the place we were staying. On our way out, this lady sketching the Capitol caught my eye, so I asked her if it would be OK if I could take her picture while she was drawing. She agreed and I fired off a couple. This one turned out the best I think. But, after looking at it a while, it seems a little weighted to the right. I will have to add that to my book of things to remember while shooting. However, I kind of still like this shot.

This one is three raws taken at f11, ISO 800, bracketed at -2, 0, and +2 EVs, handheld. I did something a little different with this as I did an exposure fusion (courtesy of Michael Tuuk) in Photomatix instead of a tonemapping and then I post-processed in Photoshop CS4 using the Nik Color Efex plugin's pro contrast, tonal contrast and bleach bypass filters at varying opacity levels. I removed the noise with noisware pro and sharpened with Nik Sharpener.


  1. the concept..I have a similar one on Flickr in Yellowstone Park that I would like to redo...what do you think about a square crop just above the capitol...seems to balance out better.

  2. That's a good idea, Stephen. That may work better. I can see the thumbnails on flickr and those are square so I think you are on to something! Thanks.


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