Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St Mary's Altar

As I often am, I'm a day late and dollar short... In looking for something to post, I came across another shot I took of St Mary's Catholic Church here in Austin. However, by the time I realized that I should've posted this in observance of the Easter Holiday, two days have already passed. But, I still think it appropriate anyway. So here it is. I took this one back in January while photowalking with Van Sutherland. I posted another similar shot to this one that describes my little adventure while getting this shot. Let's just say that I had heard from others that the priest running the place is not too keen on people shooting in there so I got in and out as quick as I could, sweating profuse bullets I might add. That could explain a couple of blotches on the shot, hehe.

This shot is 5 bracketed jpgs this time... but unlike my blunderous previous post, this was purposeful. I have been experimenting with shooting fine jpgs vs raws for my brackets and most of the time, I really can't tell much difference. However, with Adobe Camera Raw, while you can still open jpgs with it, processing raw files gives you a bit more flexibility. It's much easier to change white balance and other things. Overall raw is better, but fine jpgs are also a pretty good way too.


  1. beautiful shot of a beautiful church - Pete Talke and I got thrown out by that same priest (but after we got our shots!) - well done!

  2. Nicely done, Evan! Just wish I hadn't had to leave so soon that day.


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