Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Metro Streak

Metro Streak, originally uploaded by Evan Gearing (Evan's Expo).
When traveling, one has to figure out the local transportation systems to get around, unless you want to pay for an expensive cab all the time. This is the Federal Triangle station in DC and the Metro system there is very easy to figure out. Except for maybe buying the tickets to get on. But other than that, the map and the layout does not take long to master. I just wish this system was in place when I lived there 20 years ago, but it was just in the planning phase back then. It's pretty amazing to see what has been accomplished since then. I took this shot on our next to last stop before being done for the day. I've always wanted to get a shot down there and I'm pleased with how this turned out.

This was 3 brackets from -2 to +2 taken with my Sigma 10-20 and all of the usual processing.

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