Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapel Of St. Joseph Of Arimathea

This was taken during our tour of the National Cathedral. This is one of three chapels inside the cathedral on the crypt level below the nave. This is also the chapel where Helen Keller's remains are interred if I remember correctly.

From the Brochure of the National Cathedral:

The somber mural tells the story of Jesus’ entombment following the crucifixion. This chapel and Resurrection Chapel are primarily built in the Romanesque (or Norman) style of architecture featuring rounded arches and a heavier “feel” than Gothic architecture. The use of this style here imitates the medieval custom of building a Gothic cathedral over the crypt of an earlier, Romanesque one.

I used my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle for this one. I also did my standard processing but I bumped up the bleach bypass filter for this one to 25% opacity to give it a more gothic look. I hope it worked.


  1. Thanks Pete! Hey, are you coming to the photowalk this evening with Dave W., Van S., and others?


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