Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Georgetown Winery

A little while ago, I took a couple of pictures in front of the Georgetown Winery. I think I called them both the "snooty wine guy". That was mainly due to the statue in front that you can see in this one. I didn't really know what to call him, so I came up with that. Well, when I was back on the square last Saturday, the winery was lit up a little bit since the sun was going down and I thought it would be a new take on a familiar subject. Hence, this shot. I would've liked to get a shot of more of the front door, but there was a lot of activity there even though you can't really see it in this shot. I thought I might be a little bit in the way if I did that. But, I like how this turned out.

It follows the same processing as other shots of mine, but I think I had the ISO at 320 and the aperture at f11. That's about it.

One other thing I'd like to mention about this place is that the owner is very nice.  My wife and I are not wine drinkers, but as a thank you to my sister and aunt and uncle for their hospitality during a recent trip to Florida, we thought we'd get them both a bottle of wine.  We heard the Winery was a good pace to get wine, so we stopped there.  We found a couple of nice bottle stoppers and a couple nice bottles of wine to get for them.  However, we wanted to ship it to them, but weren't sure how.  Well, he told us he was an authorized shipper and he took care of all of that for us.  We paid for the shipping and he boxed it up and sent it off for us.  He said he doesn't make any extra money off of this service, he just does it to keep business.  That's pretty cool.  So, if you want to ship some wine somewhere, stop by the Georgetown Winery!

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