Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rod and Gun Billiard Table

Well here's an experiment... On my recent trip to Florida, we ate lunch at the famous Rod and Gun Club in Everglades City. I didn't have my D90 with me at the time, but I did have my Lumix DMC-TZ5. Of course it was set for the KISS concert I attended a couple of months ago so the settings weren't very good. Man, what a rookie mistake! Anyway, I tried my luck at getting a few hand-held indoor hdr shots with it and then expanding the size of the shot. They really didn't turn out too well, but after some manipulation, this one and one other that I may post later kind of grew on me. It gave the shot a sort of old time worn look like the photo has been around a long time and just discovered in some long lost archives. This shot is of the billiard room on the first floor. Some history of the Rod and Gun Club is as follows from their website:

"The Rod and Gun Club was originally built upon a foundation set by the first permanent settler whom founded the historical city in 1864. By 1922 Barron Collier purchased the Rod and Gun Club. He catered to many famous, notable guests and operated the club as a private establishment.

Half a century later in the year of 1972 the Rod and Gun Club was purchased by the family whom owns it to this day, the Bowen family! Throughout the years the Bowen family has maintained the Rod and Gun Club's old frontier values and rustic charm! The Rod and Gun Club does not cater to the needs of all vacationers but to those whom are seeking to experience a piece of history!

The first settlers in these parts were the Mound Builders. They were followed by the Caloosa Indians, the Spanish, and the Seminoles. When the braves retreated into the wilds of the Everglades after the Seminole War, a trading post was established at the site of what is now called Everglades City.

In the 1920's the wealthy industrialist Barron C. Collier swept into southwest Florida and bought up everything in sight. He carved out Collier County and planned to make Everglades City into another Miami. One of his first purchases was the old Allen House, built on the foundations of the first home put on the south bank of the river. The Allen House had been gradually enlarged over the years to house the fishermen, hunters, and yachtsmen who came through the city. Collier converted the building to a private club where he entertained the mighty and the wealthy, including a few presidents."


  1. wow , i think it came out great, it has a lot of emotion. excellent.

  2. Thanks jake! I appreciate it. It's not too bad, but I just wish I would've remembered to check those settings on the camera, but then it might've turned out too refined! ;-)


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