Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Which Way Out of the Bunker?

Which Way Out of the Bunker?, originally uploaded by Evan Gearing.
After taking the obligatory shots at the Texas Capitol the other day, I decided to explore some places there I haven't been. One shot I got was the art exhibit shot and this one. Both were taken while exploring the ground floor. There isn't really too much down there, but there are some interesting things if you happen to see them. These are the doors at the top of the stairs that connect the ground floor to the first floor. Behind these doors is the 1st floor and out of the picture to the left are the stairs leading down to the ground floor. It looks kind of like a bunker or a dungeon doesn't it? Anyway, my goal was to get something interesting and something you don't usually see. Oh I'll post the "obligatories" sometime, but anyway, as they say on the Flying Circus, "Now for something completely different."

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