Friday, January 22, 2010

Photography and Social Networking

I'm beginning to see the light. It's a good thing and a bad thing.  Let me explain.

Last summer, Trey Ratcliff had a photowalk in Austin, TX that I attended.  However, to attend, he asked that everyone RSVP thru his Facebook page.  So, in order to RSVP through Facebook, I had to setup an account. Ugh.  I really didn't want a Facebook account because I thought Facebook is just a giant popularity contest.  Everyone are friends and the more friends you have the more...whatever. Reluctantly, I set one up with the complete intention of not checking it. I used a different email account other than my main ones.  I only set it up to RSVP the photowalk, which I did and then I went on my merry way.

Well, here I am six months or so later and I'm now checking it on a fairly regular basis.  "Why" might you ask?  One reason is that I actually got some photography work out of it.  The owner of a restaurant in Georgetown, Texas called "Amante's" saw one of my shots on Flickr and then subsequently found my facebook page and sent me a message.  The owner really liked my work and asked if I could take some shots of her restaurant.  I did, she liked them, and the villagers rejoiced!  Pretty cool!

Not only did I get some work, but I'm also catching up with some old friends and making new ones. It's kind of cool.

So, I guess Facebook is not just a huge, totally massive popularity contest (sorry, I still think it kind of is), but it actually helps put people together.  And with my little hobby of photography, it has actually helped me get some of my work out there.  Not to mention the fact that I got a little more cash for photo toys!

My day job is in IT, but photography is my hobby.  I'm on computers all day for work and with digital photography, I'm on the computer a lot to process pictures.  I like computers, but too much can be very tiresome and in turn can be bad. Now, Facebook comes along which is starting to keep me attached to the computer a little more. Bad.  That, this blog, my Flickr page, regular email, web surfing, et. al., could begin to drive me crazy!  But, the good thing is, I've also learned that it can connect me to some very wonderful people and help me get my name and work out there for a little extra fun with my hobby. Good!

So, as I said, I'm beginning to see the light.  It's a really good thing. Now if I can find a good balance, I will be set.

Now, does this mean I should start a MySpace page, and a Twitter page and God knows what else?  Aarrgghhhh! Baaad???!!!


  1. I understand what you're saying. I fired up my computer an hour ago with the intention of working on a photo. After checking and responding to email (home & work), Facebook, Flickr, my blog, all the blogs I follow, etc... Well, here it is an hour later, and I haven't even begun to play with Photoshop or Photomatix. Let's hope we can all find a workable compromise.

  2. Those were great images! May I ask what you charged? Just curious as to the going rate for your work.

  3. I hear you, Evan! I spend way too much time staring at a screen at work and home. Even though I spend a lot of time post processing, photography gets me outdoors a lot lately. I've got so many pictures to deal with, but I restrict myself to only one a day. That may drop to one a week now that school is back in session. Oh, well. Between Facebook, Flickr, Meetup, my blog, forums, etc. I'm meeting lots of new people who share my newfound love of photography. It's a good thing overall.

  4. Teri, email me at egearing at gmail dot com. I tried to find yours, but I can't seem to find it.


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