Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Schlitterbahn Lights

Schlitterbahn Lights, originally uploaded by EvanGearing.
The Schlitterbahn water-park in New Braunfels, Texas has an event going on right now called the "Hill Country Christmas". They've decked out the whole park with lights, put in a skating rink and opened a couple water slides to be used as "alpine slides".. It's a great time for photos, but unfortunately while I was there, the rain drizzled, so some shots I took are quite worthless. However, some aren't too bad and I'm posting those. This is a shot of the entrance to an area where they have snow-making machines and a big indoor eating area for private parties. You can see a couple of water spots on the lens. It was all I could do to keep the lens clean. I should invent some sort of anti-water spot lens device like an internal lens heater to keep this from happening... Yeah, that's it!... On second thought, nah.

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