Friday, December 11, 2009

New Version of DXO Optics Released

I just received word that a new version of DXO Optics has been released... It's version 6.1. It's a great product to process photo from raw or jpeg to jpeg or tiff.  It corrects noise, lens distortion, color, and a whole host of other things to give you an even better shot than what first came out of your camera. I've used version 5.3.4 for a while before I started getting into the HDR thing.    Since then I haven't used it as much.  I'm looking forward to trying it because one thing intrigues me about this new version: supposedly it will render a shot to look like an HDR from one photo. Sometimes I try to get an HDR-type photo from one shot because multiple ones will have too much movement in it from wind or whatever, so this could be fun!  Here is the text from the email I received from them:

The DxO Labs team is pleased to inform you that DxO Optics Pro version 6.1 for Windows is now available!

Get professional-level image quality thanks to DxO Optics Pro.
Photographers the world over have recognized DxO Optics Pro's unique and automatic corrections for a large selection of DSLR cameras. In order to appeal to a broader user base, version 6.1 offers an even more intuitive user interface, more presets, and progressively more support for "advanced compact" cameras designed for the most demanding amateur photographers. DxO Optics Pro brings excellent results to photos shot with these cameras, in terms of both RAW conversion and optical corrections.

In addition to its large array of supported DSLR cameras, beginning with version 6.1, DxO Optics Pro now supports the Canon G11. DxO Labs will shortly add support for the Canon S90 in the days to follow, along with the Panasonic Lumix Lx3 and GH1 (slated for the beginning of 2010), as well as for other models in the advanced compact category.

Complete list of new features in v6.1 :

  • Support for the following cameras: Canon G11, Canon 7D, and Nikon D3000;
  • 56 new DxO Optics Modules for the following cameras: Canon 7D, 400D, 450D, 500D, Nikon D3, D300, D300s, D40x, D3000, Olympus E-30, E-420, E-510, E-620 and Sony A300;
  • Even more improvements to the user interface, include full-screen mode for easier photo viewing;
  • 6 new presets, including one that simulates HDR rendition—all from one shot and in one click! 

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