Sunday, November 8, 2009


My name is Evan Gearing and I'm an aspiring photographer. I've been taking pictures for a long time, mainly snapshots from trips and of family and friends. However, now I'm getting a little more serious. I have picked up a DSLR and I'm discovering the world of high dynamic range (HDR) photography. A couple of big influences on my work go to a couple of people.. First is a co-worker of mine named Van Sutherland. He takes some great shots and he's the one who really gave me some tips on how to take and process HDR photos. Check out his flickr page. The other is Trey Ratcliff who is a pioneer in this medium and has the #1 travel photo blog.

My goal with this blog is to post my work and share the techniques of how I get the shots that I get. I'm also very new to blogging so I would welcome suggestions and advice on how to make this a little better.

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy what I put here.




  1. What's the deal. I'd like to comment on your posts occasionally but every time I try to post a comment after selecting my WordPress identify as a profile, Blogger displays an error message claiming illegal characters in my URL. If this comment posts, it is because Blogger accepted my Google account, which is not what I want to be attributed to my comments.

  2. Hello Big Fella,

    I'm not sure what the deal is, but this one did go through. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with blogger. I guess blogger is a little weird in this regard, but thanks for wanting to comment on my site and I hope you have better luck soon.

  3. From AKA Big Fella, finally figured out what Blogger wanted (their "hint" was misleading) and posted a comment on yesterday's post.

  4. Hey, glad you got it figured out! I'll check out your comment. Thanks!


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